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linear motor from TM motion

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                          Tongmao linear motor automatic assembly line

   Recently, there was a lot of debate about Intelligent Manufacturing in Industry 4.0: is not Long March 7 Industry 4.0? Is Industry 4.0 a revolution? Is the industry the first to pursue personalized production? I think the reason for these controversies is in part The understanding of the nature of the theory is not deep, easy to fall into the handicapped Handan.

Linear motor automation in the transport process can be completed at the same time a number of process operations, a wide range of applications. Pipeline is an effective combination of people and machines, the most fully reflect the flexibility and practicality of equipment. Linear motors have unique advantages in a variety of material handling and handling. Mainly reflected in the simple structure, reliable operation, low cost, high efficiency and intelligence. Currently in the vertical transmission, such as linear motor elevators, lifts; in the plane of transmission, such as the postal packet sorting transmission line, a variety of baggage sorting transmission line, steel production transmission lines, electrical, electronic, machining lines, food processing lines, pharmaceutical production lines A variety of industrial processing lines and a variety of testing lines; there are shopping malls, hospitals and other occasions such as material transfer, handling and warehouse handling, garage handling scheduling. A linear motor can pull a few thousand heavy helicopters in a matter of seconds to hundreds of kilometers an hour, running thousands of kilometers at speeds of up to thousands of kilometers per hour. In the military, people use it to make a variety of electromagnetic guns and try to use it for the launch of missiles and rockets. In the industrial field, linear motors are used in the production of conveyor lines, as well as in a wide range of mechanical devices for various lateral and vertical movements. In addition to their high speed and high thrust characteristics, linear motors feature low speeds and fine features such as Into a linear motor, it can do the step 1¦Ìm accuracy, so the linear motor has been applied to many sophisticated equipment, such as computer head drive, camera shutter, In addition, the linear motor is also used in a variety of civil installations, such as electric doors, electric windows, electric tables, sliding doors, door locks, electric curtains Of the open, closed, etc., especially in the transportation industry, people use the linear motor made of maglev train above 500Km per hour.Linear motor in the information equipment applications mainly in the computer equipment and its input and output devices, the computer Host, in the hard disk device, the first linear servo motor IBM2314 main drive on the use, and later on the IBM333 mining , Panasonic, on a 3.5-inch magnetic disk device also uses a linear servo motor. After the linear motor, the computer effectively shortening the access time and improve work efficiency. In addition, linear motors are also used in computer input and output devices. Japan's Matsushita will be used to drive linear digital servo scanners, the total weight of the scanner to reduce the starting thrust to improve the image to reduce fluctuations in scanning speed nearly 5 times. Linear motor feed system due to its simple structure, fast response, high sensitivity, follow-up, good sealing, not afraid of pollution, adaptability, work stable and reliable, long life and a series of advantages, and therefore has a wide range of machine tools The application prospects.

   Tongmao linear motor adopts European and American technical standards and production technology. The motor has the advantages of simple structure, small size, stable force characteristic, easy control and compatibility with multi-brand motion controllers and drivers. With our extensive structural design, sample production and volume production experience in the linear motor industry, we are able to offer our customers customized linear motors that fully meet the demands of high performance, high quality, low cost and short lead times.

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