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Rapid growth of lithium battery industry, bringing rapid development of linear motor

   In recent years, China's lithium battery market growth rate for all to see. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, favorable policies and technological advances, the domestic lithium battery industry has enjoyed a rapid growth momentum and maintained its rapid growth in sales. This has brought about the rapid development of linear motors.

  Lithium-ion battery (LIB) is the battery system with good comprehensive performance at present. It has the characteristics of high specific energy, high cycle life, small size, light weight, no memory effect and no pollution. It has rapidly developed into a new generation of energy storage power supply, For information technology, electric vehicles and hybrids, aerospace and other fields of power support. The core and key of LIB are the development and application of new lithium storage materials and electrolyte materials. By analyzing the development of LIB industry in our country and its existing problems, it can be seen that there is still much room for improvement in key materials and manufacturing technologies.

   China is not only the rapid development of lithium battery industry in the past decade, the development of science and technology to promote the linear motor research and production, at present in the transport, medical, mechanical and instrumentation industries, linear motor has been promoted and application.

   In the automatic control system, the use of linear motor as a driver, instructions and signal components are also more extensive, for example, in the recorder, the servo motor to linear motor, you can improve the accuracy and bandwidth of the instrument; in the radar system, the use of Straight line synchro instead of potentiometer for linear measurement can improve accuracy and simplify the structure; in the electromagnetic flowmeter, the linear velocity measuring machine can be used to measure the conductive liquid in the magnetic field flow rate; In addition, the recording head and a variety of recording devices , Also commonly used linear motor drive.

   Kunshan Tongmao, as a linear motor manufacturer with ten years of experience, Tongmao linear motor with excellent performance and perfect after-sale products sold at home and abroad, and customers have been unanimously approved. The company's linear motor products have been used in battery size measurement and battery packaging equipment. To achieve a fully automated packaging line detection, greatly reducing the production cycle, effectively control the cost. Become the mainstream application in the future.