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China shook the world, linear motor can shake the world?

time:2017/11/14  click:6731
China shook the world, linear motor can shake the world?

At the 90th anniversary parade in our country, the appearance of the two-type solid-fuel intercontinental missile not only shows our country's strong national defense capability but also serves as a powerful weapon for our country and deeply shocks the countries in the world.

The performance of Dongfeng-31AG intercontinental nuclear missile has been greatly improved compared with the previous series. In particular, it can launch rapidly without any support and is no longer limited by launching conditions, greatly improving its strategic strike performance. China's strategic missile group coupled with the new member, even more powerful, the Dongfeng series as if its name in general, big country style, average thunder.

As a manufacturer of linear motor industry, we have a responsibility to do it more advanced, more scientific and more powerful. At present, Tongmao linear motor has been used in laser cutting equipment, medical machinery and equipment, semiconductor machinery and equipment, precision machine tool manufacturing equipment, automated logistics and transport equipment, PCB processing equipment, printing equipment, precision testing equipment, textile and military machinery and equipment industries, and now Still carrying on the research and development in the new field, one day in the future, with the Mao linear motor industry and China's two types of intercontinental nuclear missiles, so that all countries in the world are deeply shocked.