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Tongmao linear motor automatic door

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                   Tongmao linear motor automatic door of the basic working principle
    The basic composition of automatic doors are generally the same, with a mechanical structure and linear motor structure, coupled with the relevant control signals, can be configured into a simple linear motor control by the automatic door system.
Tongmao linear motor automatic door system is based on the use of requirements and equipped with mobile trip can be free to increase and decrease, and the associated controller and peripheral auxiliary control devices such as open infrared signal source, access control systems, safety devices, centralized control Wait. Must be based on the characteristics of the use of the building. Through the composition of the staff, building automation system requirements and other reasonable with auxiliary control device.
Linear motor structure is simple to go straight line movement do not intermediate conversion mechanism.
Automatic door open signal is the controller's trigger signal, it is the use of microwave radar and infrared sensors are two commonly used signal source:
Microwave radar is a displacement reaction of objects, combined with linear motor response speed, and therefore fast response, suitable for normal walking speed personnel through the place, which is characterized by once in the door near the staff do not want to go out and stay still After the radar will no longer respond, automatic doors will be closed, the door has a certain degree of protection;
An infrared sensor reacts to the presence of an object, regardless of whether or not there is a movement of people, as long as it is within the scanning range of the sensor, it responds by transmitting a control signal. The disadvantage is the infrared sensor reaction is slow, suitable for people with slow movement of places.
Automatic door use of linear motor is also a new attempt. There are several obvious features. First, it has a simple structure and requires no complex mechanical structure. Second, it is quiet and mobile, making it suitable for public use. Third, echoes with energy conservation and emission reduction advocated by the state.