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Tongmao linear motor advantage

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Tongmao linear motor advantage

Kunshan Tongmao What are the advantages of linear motor, linear motor, we can easily understand the name of a straight line, the motor is the direct conversion of electrical energy into a linear motor.What are the advantages of linear motors:

       1. There is no mechanical contact, the driving force is generated in the air gap, with the exception of the linear motor guide without any other friction

2. Linear motor also has a very high acceleration, it is only limited by the system rails, large motor usually get 3 ~ 5g acceleration

Degrees, and small motors usually get over 10g of acceleration easily.

3. The structure is simple, small size, by using the minimum number of components to achieve our linear drive, and this is only one shipment

Moving parts.

4. Extremely smooth operation and high positioning accuracy, direct drive Linear motor with a very low thrust and speed fluctuations suitable for smooth movement.
5. Itinerary of travel is not subject to any restrictions in theory.

6. Accuracy and repeatability are high, because the elimination of the intermediate links that affect accuracy, the accuracy of the system depends on the position detection element, there is a suitable

Feedback devices up to sub-micron level.

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