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Application of Linear Motor in CNC Machine Tools

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Application of Linear Motor in CNC Machine Tools

     Kunshan Tongmao linear motor in the CNC machine tools application: First, the piston turning CNC system uses a linear motor linear motion mechanism has the characteristics of fast response, high precision, has been successfully applied to the special-shaped cross-section of the workpiece CNC turning and grinding in. Second, the use of linear motor open CNC system to achieve the open CNC system.

     With the rapid development of high-speed machining technology, the requirements on the transmission and control system are getting higher and higher, so that the research on linear motor drive technology is being stepped up. Therefore, increasing research on linear drive technology is not only a trend of higher and faster technology development, but also better able to meet market needs and bring greater economic benefits and become the inevitable trend of future development.

     Now, CNC machine tools are moving toward high precision, high speed, high compound, high intelligence and environmental protection. High precision and high speed machining put higher demands on the transmission and its speed: higher dynamic characteristics and speed regulation accuracy, higher feed speed and acceleration, lower vibration noise and less wear and tear. The application of the linear motor and its drive speed regulation technology in the machine feed drive has brought about significant changes in the transmission structure of the machine tool and has brought about a new leap in the performance of the machine tool.

     Kunshan Tongmao Linear Motor is a professional R & D and manufacturer of high performance, high quality linear and oscillating motion solutions. Its main products are voice coil motors and linear motors. Our linear motor with excellent quality and perfect after-sale, has been recognized by many customers.

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