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Tongmao linear motor with the best

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Tongmao linear motor with be better!

     Share the bike claiming to be the third in the industry, with the Tomoto linear motor also have to maintain, this is a reason, sharing a bicycle in winter than expected to come earlier. Recently, many blue-collar, cool ride, Xiao Ming and many other second-tier bicycle companies, have heard the deposit refund difficult problem, individual companies have heard the news of mass layoffs.

     Small blue bike is known as "the best riding a bike," and perhaps its withdrawal will make many users feel sorry, but for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship should be a way of life, must be integrated into the life of the guidelines. In fact, many veteran investors insist on one investment principle, that is, invest more than investment projects. Entrepreneurial failure does not matter, but be able to treat employees, customers can adhere to the first, the quality of the project is not lost, entrepreneurial personality bottom line still. Therefore, even if unsuccessful, entrepreneurs should be able to get out of order in an orderly manner and withdraw their dignity because this in itself constitutes a new starting point.

     The end of an industry may be the starting point of another industry, take the birth of linear motor Speaking about it, what is a linear motor? The structure of a linear motor, is a rotating motor radially cut open, and the motor developed in a straight line to form a circle. After the change of the structure of the linear motor has greatly enhanced its advantage, causes its application domain more extensively.

     Share the bike claiming to be the third in the industry, with the Mau straight motor to maintain, both are decisive factors. Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that integrates research and development of linear motor technology, linear motor, voice coil motor, intelligent manufacturing and sales of precision linear platform. The company is committed to providing customers with the right linear and oscillating motion solutions that dramatically improve customer machine dynamics and reduce customer acquisition costs. Let customers choose worry-free. Welcome to negotiate