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Tongmao linear motor for you to resolve - linear motor

     TongMao linear motors for your analysis of linear motors, linear motors, also known as linear motors, is not a new technology, the development of early, and the principle of rotating electrical machines, the equivalent of the flat-out rotary motor aside.

     1. Tongmao linear motor has two parts, like a rotating motor, the stator and rotor. In the linear motor, these two parts are called primary and secondary. In short, part of the magnetic circuit, that is, a piece of magnet N / S alternately arranged, the other part is a coil, the general use of epoxy resin molding.

     2. Tongmao linear motor directly converts electric energy into linear motion mechanical energy, does not need any intermediate conversion transmission, is also often referred to as direct drive technology, enabling high-precision, high-speed linear motion.
     3. Tongmao linear motor is divided into U-shaped linear motor, flat linear motor, voice coil motor (voice coil motor is a special linear motor, voice coil motor is divided into cylindrical voice coil motor, flat voice coil motor , Rectangular voice coil motor, swing voice coil motor) U-type linear motor, also known as non-core linear motor, flat linear motor, also known as a core linear motor.
     4. Tongmao linear motor with European and American technical standards and production technology, motor structure is simple, high positioning accuracy, fast response, high sensitivity, follow-up, small size, easy to control, compatible with multi-brand motion controller and drive.

     5. Tongmao linear motor In fact, we are no stranger to maglev train is linear motor drive. Of course, the application of linear motor is also very wide, such as elevators, guns, machine tools, coordinate measurement, 3D printing, medical machinery, electronic packaging and so on. 

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