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Application of Tongmao Linear Motor in Industry and Automation

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                                              Application of Tongmao Linear Motor in Industry and Automation

With the Mao-linear motor in the industrial and automation applications, the linear motor has its own advantages, so mechanical equipment and machine tools in the mechanical and electrical integration has been widely used.

1. Linear motor-driven presses, electromagnetic hammer, screw presses, electromagnetic foil machine foil, die-casting machine and profile rolling traction machine.

2. The power source for reciprocating motion in machining machines - Linear electromagnetic drives are used in turning, planing, grinding, inserting, sawing, pulling and other machine tools to replace the traditional mechanical transmission.

3. Tongmao linear motor in the laser machinery, semiconductor manufacturing equipment also applied a linear motor driven X-Y table.

4. Tongmao linear motor for the combination of automatic production machine tool linear motor drive transmission line.

5. Tongmao linear motor for float glass production line on the molten metal mixer.

6 Tongmao linear motor. Used in the linear motor drive vacuum circuit breaker

7. Tongmao linear motor used for mineral processing of linear motor ferromagnetic separator.

8. Tongmao linear motor for the metallurgical industry in the electromagnetic pump, liquid metal mixer.

9. Tongmao linear motor for the textile industry in the linear motor-driven shuttle, cutting device and a wide range of automated instrumentation and electric actuators.

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