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voice coil motor

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Tongmao for your analysis of what is voice coil motor

      What is voice coil motor? Today, Tongmao for your analysis, the voice coil motor is a special linear motor, is a direct conversion of electrical energy into linear or circular motion mechanical energy without any intermediate conversion mechanism of the transmission. Voice coil motor with small size, light weight, high acceleration and speed, uniform thrust, fast response, high precision, the structure is very simple, a wide range of speed advantages.

     Voice coil motor is mainly composed of two parts of the coil and permanent magnet. The voice coil motor works in the same way as a speaker. So named voice coil motor. With people's attention and research on linear motors, voice coil motors are really developed and applied. Since 1971, the voice coil motor has been promoted into an independent application stage, made very practical devices and products.

     Tongmao standard linear voice coil motor thrust can reach 5000N, travel up to 300mm; swing voice coil motor peak torque up to 50N.M, swing angle greater than 120 degrees; the same time, with our voice coil motor industry is rich The structural design, sample production and production experience, to provide customers fully meet the high performance, high quality, low cost, short delivery requirements of custom voice coil motor.

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