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Servo motor and linear stepper motor difference

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 Servo motor and linear stepper motor difference

    Tongmao linear motor servo motor and stepper linear motor resolution difference? Into the motor is a discrete motion device, which has an essential connection with modern digital control technology. In the digital control system, stepping motor is widely used. With the advent of all-digital AC servo systems, servo motors are also increasingly used in digital control systems. Motion control systems are mostly used in stepper motors or digital servo motors as the implementation of the motor. Although the two control methods are similar, but there is a big difference in the use of performance and applications. Now use the performance of the two for a comparison.

   First, the control accuracy is different: The servo motor control accuracy by the rotary encoder of the motor shaft rear guarantee, high precision.

   Second, the different low-frequency characteristics: linear stepping motor prone to low-frequency vibration phenomenon at low speed. Servo motor running very smooth, even at low speeds will not appear vibration phenomenon.

   Third, the frequency characteristics of different frequency: linear stepping motor output torque decreases with increasing speed, and at a high speed will drop sharply, so the effective high working speed is generally 300 ~ 600RPM. AC servo motor for constant torque output that is rated at its speed (usually 2000RPM or 3000RPM) less than the rated torque can be output above the rated speed for constant power output.

   Fourth, different overload: linear stepping motor generally does not have overload. AC servo motor has a strong overload capacity.


   Fifth, different speed response performance: linear stepping motor speed from standstill to work slower. AC servo system acceleration performance is better, can be used for quick start and stop control occasions.

  Six different performance: linear stepper motor control for the open-loop control, the starting frequency is too high or too large load is prone to lost or stalling phenomenon, stop when the speed is too high prone to overshoot phenomenon. AC servo drive system is closed-loop control, the driver can directly sample the motor encoder feedback signal, the internal structure of the position loop and speed loop, control performance is more reliable.

    In summary, servo motors are superior to linear stepper motors in many aspects of performance. However, some less demanding occasions are often used to do the implementation of the motor stepper motor. Therefore, the design of the control system should take into account control requirements, costs and other factors, the appropriate selection of motor control.

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