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Linear motor works

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      Linear motor works: Linear motor is a direct conversion of electrical energy into linear motion mechanical energy, without the need for any intermediate converter gear. It can be seen as a rotating motor cut radially and flattened.

      Tongmao linear motor has two parts, like a rotating motor, the stator and rotor. Linear motor called the two parts called primary and secondary. In short, part of the magnetic circuit, that is, a piece of magnet N / S alternately arranged, the other part is a coil, the general use of epoxy resin molding. Taking into account the manufacturing costs, operating costs, the current general use of short primary long secondary.

     Tongmao linear motor works with a rotating motor similar. Taking a linear induction motor as an example: When the primary winding is connected to the AC power supply, a traveling magnetic field is generated in the air gap. Under the cutting of the traveling magnetic field, the secondary winding induces an electromotive force and generates a current that flows in the air gap Magnetic field effect on the electromagnetic thrust. If the primary fixed, the secondary under the thrust to do a straight line; the other hand, the primary do linear motion.

     Tongmao linear motor is a kind of electric power transmission device that directly converts electric energy into linear motion mechanical energy. It can save a lot of intermediate transmission mechanism, speed up the system to reflect the speed and improve the system accuracy, so it has been widely used.

If you want to learn more about the application of linear motor, you are welcome to pay more attention to Kunshan Tongma linear motor:

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