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Linear module advantages

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      Linear module advantages

      Please allow the same with Xiaomeng today you talk about the advantages of straight-line module: Tongmao linear module with European and American technical standards and production technology, motor structure is simple, small size, stable force characteristics, easy to control, compatible with a variety of brand sports Controller and drive.

      With the vertical line module standard U-shaped linear motor peak thrust up to 2600N, sustained thrust up to 750N, its positioning accuracy can reach 0.5UM or less, and compatible with a variety of brands of motion controllers and drives; the same time, by virtue of our Linear module industry rich structural design, sample production and production experience, customers can fully meet the high-performance, high quality, low cost, short delivery requirements of custom linear motor.

      With the Mao-line module with high speed, the speed is very smooth, high acceleration, acceleration and deceleration process is short, high transmission strength, thrust smooth, zero backlash, direct drive technology, three phase Zhengxuanbo commutation, zero backlash and flexibility, Unlimited length of travel, no performance penalty, zero-touch operation, no wear, low noise, brushless design, ideal for vacuum and harsh environments.

      Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D and manufacturer of high performance, high quality linear and oscillating motion solutions. Its main products are voice coil modules and linear modules. Our line module with excellent quality and perfect after-sale, has been recognized by many customers.

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