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Application of Linear Motor in Exhaust Gas Treatment

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Application of Linear Motor in Exhaust Gas Treatment

      The application of linear motor in exhaust gas treatment is very important. At present, there are not many professional units engaged in exhaust gas treatment and control in our country, and they are not yet equipped with comprehensive capabilities of overall project planning, project design, equipment manufacturing, system integration and operation management. Even in some developed countries, emissions management and control technologies are a relatively new area of technology compared to other treatment technologies, and unit operations are still the mainstay of treatment.

      The pollution of industrial waste gas treatment is mainly caused by the combustion of fossil fuels (coal and petroleum), drilling, blasting, building materials, screening, smelting and casting during the production and living activities of human beings. Air pollutants are mainly dust particles, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxides several.

      The application of the linear motor can stabilize the speed and improve the quality of the exhaust gas treatment. There is no need to think too much about the need to protect the internal machinery of the motor, reduce the mechanical wear, reduce the noise of the motor, reduce the noise pollution and so on. The advantages of Tongmao linear motor are high speed, very smooth speed, high acceleration, short acceleration and deceleration, high transmission strength, smooth thrust, zero backlash, direct drive technology, three-phase positive and negative wave commutation, zero return clearance and flexibility , Unlimited stroke length, zero performance loss, zero running contact, no wear, low noise, brushless design, ideal for vacuum and harsh environments. Due to the reduced cost of exhaust gas treatment with Tamar linear motors, our linear motors With the rotary motor can not be compared to the advantages, so get the user's approval, we believe that the use of linear motors will be more widely used.

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