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Tongmao linear motor

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Tongmao linear motor

       Bonding machine also began to use linear motor, I believe more and more brand bonding machine will use a linear motor, linear motor you know how much?

   1. Linear motor and rotary motor

      The working principle of a linear motor can be said to be the same as that of a rotating motor. As shown in the following figure, a linear motor can be considered as cutting the rotating motor from the surface to the center of the shaft and leveling it.

     2. Excellent linear motor system is the main consideration Dun vibration thrust: Due to the side effects and cogging, brushless iron core linear motor will have Dun vibration thrust. This Dunzhen thrust must be reduced to less than 2% of rated thrust to achieve rapid positioning and low speed stable operation. A good linear motor must make the pounding thrust as small as possible. In the absence of electricity, you can push the mover by hand. A good linear motor should have a smooth feel.

    3. Force Ripple This physical quantity is different from the pounding thrust, but behaves like a similar result. This phenomenon is generated because the brushless motor needs commutation (commutation) control, and the magnetic field of the magnet is not a standard sinusoidal distribution, even if Iron core motor is also a phenomenon of this, it will affect the rapid set and low speed stable operation.

    4. Thrust / moving mass ratio: thrust / moving mass ratio determines the load capacity of the linear motor. A small moving mass represents a higher additional load capacity. In addition, a high moving mass can cause considerable vibration to your machine during high acceleration / deceleration movements and can also lead to unpredictable resonance. Therefore, a good linear motor must Make it move the quality of the smaller the better.

      Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of linear motor technology research, development, linear motors, voice coil motors, precision intellectualization and sales of linear platforms. The company is dedicated to providing customers with the right linear and oscillating motion solutions that significantly improve customer machine dynamics and reduce customer acquisition costs. Let customers choose worry-free. Welcome to negotiate

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