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Small size big purpose - linear motor

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 Small size big purpose - linear motor

     Small size big purpose - linear motor, with the advent of smart manufacturing era, the market for the drive products of intelligent, small, high performance put forward higher requirements. As a result, Kunshan Tongmai introduced a special form of direct drive motor, easy to install equipment, small body can be connected with the big use to meet the industry users of intelligent manufacturing applications.

     The working principle of this linear motor and the speaker is similar, so the "voice coil motor" a reputation. This section of the linear motor can be converted directly into electrical energy linear motion mechanical energy without the need for any intermediate converter gear. Its working principle is based on the Ampere force principle, that is, the conductor on the magnetic field, it will produce force F, the size of the force depends on the strength of the magnetic field B, the current I, and the direction of the magnetic field and current. If a total of N wires of length L are placed in a magnetic field, the force acting on the wire can be expressed as F = KBLIN.

     Tongmao linear motor adopts European and American technical standards and production technology. The motor has the advantages of simple structure, small size, stable force characteristic, easy control, and compatible with various brands of motion controllers and drivers. Tongmao standard linear voice coil motor can reach the peak thrust 5000N, travel up to 300mm; swing voice coil motor peak torque up to 50N.M, swing angle greater than 120 degrees; the same time, with our voice coil motor industry is rich The structural design, sample production and production experience, to provide customers fully meet the high performance, high quality, low cost, short delivery requirements of custom voice coil motor. For more information about voice coil motors, please visit the same website with the Tomo Motors: