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5G era at your fingertips on the linear motor industry

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5G era at your fingertips on the linear motor industry

      5G era at your fingertips on the linear motor industry where the impact? Since August 24, South Korea announced: PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018, will be the first ever 5G Olympics. The next day, the State Council of China issued a document to announce the launch of 5G commercialization in 2020. You grab the intention of grabbing me vividly paper, also led to the capital market 5G stocks rising and falling tide, has spread so far.

     2G to see novels, 3G to see pictures, 4G to see video, 5G can do? 5G era, a large second, the speed is 100 times 4G. Obviously, this is not all of 5G. Waking up from the early morning of the 5G era, you will be confronted with a programmable new world.

     Smart factories in the future will be filled with intelligent industrial robots, cloud production management systems, precision warehousing logistics systems, production capacity per machine and per pipeline, and will become searchable, controllable, tradable in the industrial internet . When everything is connected to one another, the efficiency and logic of the economy as a whole are bound to be completely subverted. Linear motor will be more and more widely used in the future life. TongMao Linear Motor As a company focused on the R & D and manufacturing of linear motors, we should strive to strive for excellence. The direct-drive brushless motors we produce are quiet, noise-free, maintenance-free, long life and small size. The application will bring you a comfortable and healthy life. Many friends are welcome to pay attention with the Mau linear motor:

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