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The "roller coaster" in skyscrapers -- linear motor

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"Roller coaster" in skyscraper - linear motor

      Skyscraper in the "roller coaster" - a linear motor, today with Mao Xiaobian first and everyone tell a little story a few days ago, Xiaobian saw an animation on the network, I feel very interesting.

     In the cartoon "No Pensive and Unhappy," a "no-brainer" architect built a 999-story building without an elevator, so the children carried only dry food and climbed for a week to see the top theater Performance. 

    From the cartoon creator's point of view, let's assume a sequel like this: Why did this "mindless" become a "brainstorming" step, adding an elevator to the building and still pittering children?

    Because "no mind" to the skyscraper is equipped with ordinary elevators, and ordinary elevators only 1.5m / s, children in the narrow elevator full of stuffy half an hour to reach the top.

    In fact, for super high-rise buildings, ordinary elevators simply can not meet the demand, then you need to rely on high-speed, ultra-high-speed elevators to solve the vertical speed skyscraper travel problems.

    At present, low-speed ladder has no technical barriers, and high-speed ladder represents the industry's cutting-edge technology is the top of the market, and high-speed ladder market long-term monopoly in the hands of foreign elevator giants. With the acceleration of urbanization in our country, the demand for high-rise buildings above 100 meters in our country will be built in a large scale. The market demand for high-speed elevators is expanding day by day. It is estimated that the demand of high-speed elevator in China will reach 37,100 by 2020. Therefore, high-speed ladder supporting a full range of technical solutions for the development of China's elevator industry is very far-reaching impact.

    Elevator in the case of high-speed operation, to ensure safe, smooth and efficient delivery, but also take into account the green energy-saving, comfortable and convenient and other needs, then the problem, the choice of traction motor must be faced. Stepper motors, servo motors, etc., we must first consider the safety, stability, efficiency and other requirements. Haha, these requirements are drizzle with the Mau Electronics, Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. is a decade focused on linear motor production and research and development, the company's production of linear motors using advanced technology standards in Europe and America, technology and testing methods, the quality and power Performance up.

    To the international advanced level, Tongmao linear motor produced by the linear motor is precisely the high speed, the speed is very smooth, high acceleration, acceleration and deceleration process is short, high transmission strength, thrust stability, and so on the advantages for elevator use the best choice , With the Mau Electronics Co., Ltd. products are applied to the following areas: laser cutting equipment industry, semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry, flat panel display industry, printing equipment industry, medical equipment industry, precision instrumentation industry, electronic components surface mount equipment industry, PCB testing Equipment industry, logistics equipment industry. Customers in all fields at home and abroad by the unanimous approval. If you are interested in our company's linear motor, please contact us: 400-007-7724

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