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Distortion unchanged - TM linear module

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Distortion unchanged - TM linear module

      Distortion unchanged - TM linear module, the use of European and American standards and production technology, will, as always, to provide users with quality products and services. The use of direct drive technology, a symbol of close to customers, close to the user, to create a better life for human ideas and vision. The use of simple structure, small size, means that with the Mau products and solutions more intelligent and easy to use.

The first change: operating more close to the customer, close to the user

      Tongmao linear module through the industry line to fully understand customer needs and find customer pain point, traction product line to provide competitive products, to provide customers with rapid application process to meet the industry's comprehensive product solutions - our industry has deeply changed the marketing model R & D department of research and development, supply chain supply and quality control system, all departments in order to meet the business needs of customers as soon as possible, to achieve a seamless interface, but also to achieve the company's overall business management changes.

Second change: the product is more intelligent and easy to use

      Tongmao linear modules from the rotating motor to the servo motor, from the robot motion control to industrial vision, whether it is a small body voice coil door module, or unlimited travel straight line module ...... Our products Toward a more light Quantitative, easier to install and debug, the direction of more intelligent Internet iteration, to maximize the customer experience.

The third change: a more humane concept - to improve the ecology, change life

     Tongmao linear modules, through continuous innovation and technology research and development, making the straight-line module has a brushless design, running zero contact, no wear and tear, low noise, reduce chemical ignition and other industries wastewater ... ... to create a friendly, livable, Sustainable development of a harmonious ecology has always been innovative and innovative; 1.5 million elevator integrated controller brings up and down the freedom of security, 160,000 new energy vehicles controller allows you indulge in green travel, rail transit traction system no longer Far away, take you more environmentally friendly departure, more timely arrival ... ... Kunshan with Mau Electronics Co., Ltd. direct drive brushless motor quiet, noise-free, maintenance-free, long life, small size, the application in the smart home will give You bring a comfortable and healthy life. If you are interested in our company's linear motor, please contact us: 400-007-7724

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