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Tmmotor U slot brushless linear motor

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Tmmotor U slot brushless linear motor

       Tmmotor U-slot brushless linear motor can be directly driven, is a closed magnetic field by opening to an open magnetic field, the direct conversion of electrical energy into linear motion of mechanical energy, without rotating to linear motion, the mechanical structure is simple and reliable, can be regarded as Is a rotating motor radially cut open, and the motor developed in a straight line to form a circle.

       U-groove linear motor has two parallel tracks between the metal plates and opposite the coil mover. , The track is the magnet (usually a high-energy rare earth magnet) is fixed on the steel. Forcer, rotor supported by the rail system in the middle of the two tracks, the coil is made of epoxy material compressed together. Motor mover includes coil winding, Hall element circuit board, thermistor (temperature sensor monitoring temperature) and electronic interface. The mover is non-steel, meaning no suction and no interference between the track and the thrust coil. Non-steel coil assembly has a small inertia, allowing very high acceleration. The coil is generally three-phase, brushless commutation.

      U slot brushless linear motor running ultra-smooth, no cogging effect, fast dynamic response, low inertia, high rigidity, compact structure, splicing stator, stroke can be extended indefinitely. Unattractive, relative installation, safe and easy to handle. No iron core, more acceleration and deceleration, higher mechanical bandwidth.

     U-groove linear motor linear encoder can be optional high-precision position control, the position accuracy depends on the selected encoder. Since high-rigidity stator tracks can be connected as required, the motor length is theoretically unlimited. The motor mover and the stator do not move in contact with each other. There is no abrasion, jamming and backlash of ordinary screw balls and belts, etc. Therefore, our linear motor can achieve long-term maintenance-free work. Our U-groove linear motor is divided into two types of core and non-core, core linear motor unit volume greater power, non-core linear motor hysteresis and eddy current effect, the movement smoother high-speed, less magnetic loss , Fever is small.

       U slot brushless linear motor is particularly suitable for: robot, actuator, linear stage, optical fiber alignment, precision machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing, vision systems, electronic components, such as factory automation, the speed and accuracy of the system simultaneously Higher applications.

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