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Linear motor main applications

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Linear motor main applications

The main applications of linear motors are as follows:

       First, the linear motor used in automatic control system, such applications are more, such as: a wide range of applications such as automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, testing, medical, aerospace, food and other fields of production lines;

       Second, the linear motor As a long-term continuous operation of the motor, such as high-speed maglev train, the current United States, Britain, Japan, France, Germany, Canada and other countries are developing linear suspension trains, of which Japan has made the fastest progress;

        Third, the linear motor used in the need for a short time, a short distance to provide a huge linear motor device.

        Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. ( is a professional supplier of linear motors. The company's high-intelligent linear motors are widely used in various fields of machinery manufacturing and processing. In order to make customers more direct and convenient to use Linear motor, Division I also introduced a variety of models of linear motor modules, follow-up we will also continue to focus on research and development to create more adapt to the market, suitable for customer needs of the linear motor module, a lot of friends are welcome to pay attention with the Mau Linear motor.

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