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World Smart Manufacturing Conference to promote the development of linear motor industry

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World Smart Manufacturing Conference to promote the development of linear motor industry

       The World Smart Manufacturing Conference promotes the development of the linear motor industry. The conference is co-hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the China Association for Science and Technology and the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government. It is positioned as a top-level international exchange, seminar, exhibition and trade event in the global smart manufacturing field Summit, is also the country's highest standard of the conference. For the global smart manufacturing field, it is an international platform for high-level intelligent manufacturing cooperation and exchange. For our country, it is an innovative move to promote the high-end development of the smart manufacturing industry. For Jiangsu, it is not only an inherent requirement for accelerating the manufacturing industry in our province to move towards the middle and high-end and accelerating the industrial restructuring and upgrading, but also a rare opportunity for our province to better integrate itself into the world economy and promote industrial development. In the previous phase, great progress has been made in preparatory work through the joint efforts of ministries, provinces and municipalities.

       In recent years, Jiangsu has earnestly practiced the new concept of innovation, greenness, openness, coordination and sharing development. Around the construction of a new "Jiangsu-rich and high-tech" Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu has advanced the new "two-high-one-high" practice and adapted itself to the new normal of economic development. In order to seek progress in the work of the general tone to the supply-side structural reform as the main line to "Made in China 2025" Jiangsu Platform for Action as a guide to create a strong province as the lead to build an internationally competitive advanced manufacturing base mainly We should work in all areas to promote steady growth, readjust the structure, and promote transformation. The industrial economy in the province has maintained a sound momentum of steady progress, steady progress and good progress.

      At present, smart manufacturing is becoming a strategic support point for promoting the economic restructuring and development in Jiangsu. Jiangsu urgently needs to promote the development of smart manufacturing based on consolidating and enhancing existing advantages in the manufacturing industry. This conference is a re-mobilization of the manufacturing industry in Jiangsu and will help Jiangsu to actively explore new technologies, new economy, new formats and new modes of smart manufacturing, and promote Jiangsu's creation of a new high-tech industry in the world and boost of southern Jiangsu and other southern provinces Demonstration and Practice of 2025 Pilot Cities Constructed by Five Cities in China.

Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. (, as a professional linear motor developer and manufacturer, has made great contribution to the development of smart manufacturing in Jiangsu Kunshan's motor industry with excellent products. The company produces high-intelligent linear motor is widely used in various fields of machinery manufacturing and processing, in order to allow customers to more direct and easy to use linear motor, I also introduced a variety of types of linear motor module, follow-up we will also Continue to focus on research and development to create more adapt to the market, suitable for customer needs of the linear motor module, a lot of friends are welcome to pay attention to with the Mau linear motor.

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