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You can not live without

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You can not live without "I" - a linear motor


       With the development of science and technology, people's living standards are higher and many high-tech products have come to our side. Although each family has different lifestyles, these appliances can enter into every family because They are practical, today to tell you that your life can not be separated from me - which electrical appliances used in linear motors, and can make people shine at the same time also has super practicality.


       Xiao Bian said that the name of household appliances, we must say immediately that I have this home, or I have seen, that is the electric fan, ha ha, some families may have installed air-conditioning, and no longer use the electric fan, but Families with little babies will still choose to buy a small electric fan for their baby. Then the problem came, the traditional electric fans have leaves, give the child a safety hazard, do not worry, this time will think of no leaf fan.

No leaf fan The motor is placed inside the fuselage, through the turbine to flow through the 1.5mm slit discharge, the use of special structure, the air flow amplification. As the motor placed inside the fuselage, no exposed blade, safer, more convenient cleaning.

      Bladeless fans usually use a brushless DC motor, so a fan system requires a brushless motor controller. The controller receives the user's instruction and carries out the corresponding control. For example, steering, wind regulation, timing, mode and so on. Different from the traditional electric fan, non-leafless fan with variable speed control, wind speed can be adjusted, more comfortable.


     No leaf fan, air circulation fan, the general household floor fan, table fan, ceiling fan ... ... The pursuit of the point is the indoor air circulation, with air conditioning to increase efficiency, natural wind, quiet, has jumped straight blow the past, the pursuit of more Comfortable life. In the past AC motor to achieve the same function and efficiency need to pay additional control lines and motor materials, the volume increase so the cost structure will increase substantially. DC brushless motor in the efficiency and production advantages, and the control unit is very easy to add smart features to achieve the purpose of a comfortable home life.

        Brushless motors have smooth operation and no vibration, noise-free advantages, more suitable for occasions: vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, household fans and other household products.

        Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. produces direct-drive brushless motor quiet, noise-free, maintenance-free, long life, small size, in the application of smart home will bring you a comfortable and healthy life.


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