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Application of Linear Motor in Subway

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Application of Linear Motor in Subway

       Today TongMao Xiaobian and we talk about the linear motor in the subway application, linear motor is a direct conversion of electrical energy into a linear motor mechanical energy, without any intermediate conversion mechanism of the transmission.

       We often see that many linear drives or systems are converted to rectilinear motion using a rotating electric machine through an intermediate converter, such as a chain, wire rope, belt, rack, or screw mechanism. As these devices or systems have intermediate conversion gear, so the machine is bulky, inefficient, poor accuracy.

       Linear motors can be AC power, DC power supply or pulse power supply and other work. There are also applications in subways and light railways around the world, as shown below.

        Used in the subway or light rail in the linear motor: the same capacity, reducing the height of the body, reducing the tunnel area, reduce costs and save land area. Hill climbing ability, turning radius is small, easy route selection, transfer convenience. Less maintenance, lower operating costs. Low noise, energy saving. Can be combined with the traditional track. Train acceleration and deceleration.

        Kunshan Tongmao linear motor is a linear motor technology research, development, Chi-made and sales as one of the manufacturers. Produced by high-quality, high-performance linear motor, voice coil motor using advanced technology standards in Europe and America, technology and testing methods, its quality and power performance reached the international advanced level, can completely replace similar foreign products.

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