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Tongmao cylindrical voice coil motor

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Tongmao cylindrical voice coil motor

      With mao voice coil motor is a special form of direct drive motor. Has a simple structure, small size, high speed, high acceleration, fast response and other characteristics.

     Tongmao cylindrical voice coil motor is divided into cylindrical voice coil motor, swing voice coil motor and the standard series of voice coil motor, the standard series voice coil motor is divided into flat voice coil motor and rectangular voice coil motor.

     Tongmao cylindrical voice coil motor works, the power coil (conductor) placed in the magnetic field will generate force, the size of the force applied to the coil in proportion to the current. Based on this principle voice coil motor movement can be straight or circular arc.

     We can customize the corresponding voice coil motor according to different requirements of customers! Voice coil motor actuator, using voice coil motor unique high response, high acceleration, high speed, small size, motor, and rail and high-precision encoder combination to form a complete closed-loop system - voice coil motor actuator.

    Mainly used in electronic semiconductor, biomedicine, aviation technology, automotive industry, shock absorber system, micro-machine tool industry, vibration systems, valve operation, general industry and other occasions. According to the drive, feedback, controller and control algorithms and other configuration level, with mao voice coil motor generally can reach 500-1000Hz movement frequency, or even higher! Position accuracy according to the different configurations can also reach the nano-position accuracy.

    Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D and manufacturer of high-performance, high-quality linear and wobble motion solutions. Its main products are voice coil motors and linear motors. Our linear motor with excellent quality and perfect after-sale, has been recognized by many customers.
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