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Tongmao linear motor structure is simple performance is not simple

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Tongmao linear motor structure is simple performance is not simple

        Tongmao linear motor structure is simple structure is not simple, with the Mau linear motor compared to other structures of the motor is more simple, with Mau linear motor does not mean that its weak. With the Mao-line motor than the mechanical system has many unique advantages, such as high-speed, high acceleration, zero maintenance, high precision, small power loss. Linear motor linear motion without intermediate conversion device, for many applications it makes sense to those who need to reduce the performance and shorten the mechanical life of the parts removed. The following let Tongmao linear motor for you to simply introduce the advantages of the simple structure of the linear motor.

        Linear motor movement can be no mechanical contact, so that transmission parts wear-free, thus greatly reducing the mechanical loss. Full closed loop control of linear motor means that the grating is mounted on the motor body and the position of the mover is always feedback. Because of the high position accuracy of the grating ruler, driving the load with the linear motor can improve the control precision. Ordinary rotating motor linear motion, the mechanical structure of the operation, the noise is inevitable; and linear motor is driven by electromagnetic thrust device, so the whole device noise is small or no noise, good operating environment.

       The primary core of the linear motor can be sealed with epoxy resin as a whole after being embedded, so it can be used in some special occasions. For example, it can be used even in wet or damp water, can be used in corrosive gases or toxic and harmful gases, even at high or low temperatures. The company is located in:
       Because the primary core and the winding end are exposed to the air, the linear motor has a very long secondary side and a large cooling surface, so that the heat is easily dissipated. Therefore, the linear motor can achieve a higher thermal load and does not require additional cooling Device.

       Linear motor dynamic response speed is less than the average servo drive, driven by a linear motor, can greatly improve the processing efficiency of the equipment.

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