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Linear motor indirectly help the town heavy equipment arm

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Linear motor indirectly help the town heavy equipment arm

        Linear motor indirectly help the town heavy equipment arm, recently, CCTV program exposed the future of domestic aircraft carriers will use electromagnetic catapults on the occasion of a sudden change of style, revealed that a new generation of submarine 095 type has been delivered to the Chinese navy. 095 are in service, 096 will be far behind?

      For the Chinese navy, 092 nuclear submarines only solve the problem of whether there is no problem, 094 type is only a slight improvement in performance, not advanced, 095-type or may be associated with the United States, "Seawolf" submarine higher, but the " Colombia and "a long way from. Although China's 096 strategic missile nuclear submarine has not yet been disclosed, China has mastered several key core technologies. Even the U.S.-based "Colombian-class" nuclear submarine claimed to be a global player has to dread one-third.

       In fact, can have a huge space entirely attributed to the breakthrough of China's large-diameter plate bending machine technology, mentioned here, large-diameter plate bending machine technology, which contributed to the lack of linear motor. With the Mao-line motor than the mechanical system has many unique advantages, such as high-speed, high acceleration, zero maintenance, high precision, small power loss.

      Tongmao linear motor high-speed, high precision, high thrust and other characteristics, determines its hard field of scientific research needs. Using linear motors, maglev trains travel over 500 kilometers per hour (km) per hour, catching a plane a few hundred kilometers in seconds, and machining a wide range of components at micron-level precision. Imagine, without the development of linear motors, many high-tech research and development will be difficult. If you are interested in our company's linear motor, please contact us: 400-007-7724

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