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Linear motor applications in what industries?

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Linear motor applications in what industries?

      The most intuitive feature of a linear motor is the direct linear motion. By directly driving the load, high-precision positioning control can be realized in different ranges from high speed to low speed.

      There is no direct contact between the mover (primary) and the stator (secondary) of the linear motor. The stator and the mover are both rigid components, ensuring the quietness of the linear motor movement and the high rigidity of the core moving parts of the entire mechanism. Main features: Compact structure, small power loss, fast moving speed, high acceleration, high speed. Tongmao linear motor application industry is more extensive, probably introduced as follows:

       Laser cutting equipment, medical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, precision machine tool manufacturing equipment, automated logistics and transport equipment, automated logistics and transport equipment, PCB processing equipment, printing equipment, precision testing equipment, textile and military machinery and equipment.

       Tong Mao Linear Motor will make unremitting efforts to promote the development of China's industrial-driven industries, is committed to becoming a trusted supplier of linear motor manufacturers, continued to create value for customers.

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