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Tongmao linear motor with the most commonly used combination platform

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Tongmao linear motor with the most commonly used combination platform

      According to China's linear motor industry and domestic linear motor industry analysis, that the current main line with the Mauma motor combination of three ways:

     1. Tongmao HPL / SPL high-precision linear platform

Tung Mau Motor R & D direct drive platform with the Mao-free iron core U-slot linear motor drive platform travel from 100 to 600mm; platform imported 7075 # aviation aluminum by the integration of forming, while reducing the rail and the main difference due to aluminum Bending effect due to the thermal expansion series; the platform incorporates an open incremental grating system with excellent linearity to provide subnanometer resolution, repeatability and stability. Stable optical zero, to ensure two-way repeatability and reliability. The laser interferometer calibration compensation, you can easily obtain the ideal positioning accuracy. Easily achieve your high-precision positioning requirements. The platform's superior design, harsh shaft assembly process, high performance but low cost make the HPL / LM Series Direct Drive Platforms broadly suitable for industrial applications that require cost-effective, precision solutions such as performance Stable semiconductor, electronic production, pick and place, grinding machine tools, medical, machine tools, printing, laser welding industry and other industries, such as wafer testing and detection, semiconductor solid crystal machine, wire bonders, high speed take and delivery Equipment, laser cutting, laser engraving, laser marking, 3D printing equipment, LCD / TFT production and testing platform.

2. High-precision XYHPL / SPL high-precision linear platform
X-axis (on) and Y-axis (lower) combination of high precision, high-end imported components are used. Linear motor module of high acceleration, high speed, high precision advantages can be reflected in this platform, while the motor coil and the track is non-contact operation, no wear and tear, no reverse clearance, so its maintenance requirements are extremely low. In micro-engineering applications and wafer equipment, with particular emphasis on absolute accuracy and cleanroom applicability, the use of high-precision XY linear motor platform is the best choice.

3.XYZHPL / SPL high-precision linear platform
The XY Table or XY-Z Table developed by Tomoto Motor is composed of a standard single-axis precision direct-drive platform, allowing simultaneous or separate control of two Tomoto linear motors simultaneously. Due to the use of a standard platform for superimposed combination of applications, so according to the actual needs of the stroke, load, positioning accuracy, two-way repeat positioning accuracy of choice, wide range of options, flexible combination, low cost, is a modular straight Drive product practical platform, with high acceleration, high speed, high stability and high reliability and so on. Widely used in high-speed testing, laser cutting, laser engraving, high-speed pick and place accurate, automated assembly, image detection, dispenser and packaging devices.

Tongmao linear slide has excellent design, harsh shaft assembly process, with high performance. In order to allow customers to more direct and easy to use our linear motor, I also introduced a variety of types of linear slide, follow-up we will also continue to focus on research and development to create more adapt to the market, suitable for customer demand line Slide, friends are welcome to pay more attention with the Mau linear motor.

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