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Voice coil motor characteristics and applicable places

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Voice coil motor characteristics and applicable places

      Today TongMao Xiaobian and we introduce the same with the voice coil motor features and applications where the voice coil motor is a frequency response of the fastest direct drive motor, sub-cylinder voice coil motor, swing voice coil motor, moment Voice coil motor, flat voice coil motor Its principle is charged coil in the magnetic field generated by the force, so voice coil motor with zero hysteresis, zero magnetic slot effect, high response, high precision, high acceleration, high speed , Good force characteristics, convenient control, small size and infinite resolution, etc. The frequency can be up to hundreds of hertz depending on the specific load and travel.

     Voice coil motor main application areas: semiconductor, optical electronics, automotive production testing, biochemical testing sampling, food and pharmaceutical, packaging and packaging, automated testing, high-speed scanning, digital imaging systems, efficient welding, SMD, assembly, testing and testing Handling and inspection of equipment, optical components, various linear or rotary applications, precision and high-speed motion equipment, especially applications that require high-speed periodic reciprocating motion.

     Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Kunshan, China is a few with voice coil motor R & D custom capacity manufacturers. Its own plant 3000 square, and a number of clean motor assembly lines. ISO9001 certified enterprises, its own large and medium-sized processing centers and voice coil motor performance testing machine. Can also be customized according to customer needs. Welcome customers to negotiate: 400-007-7724

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