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Domestic and foreign linear motor market development

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Domestic and foreign linear motor market development

     With the development and application of power electronics technology, computer technology, microelectronics technology and control theory, the field of linear motor applications is increasingly widespread. In order to achieve high quality, high efficiency and low cost operation, the linear motor is connected with computers, motor controllers, power converters, sensors, etc. under various operating conditions, and often needs to be connected with the actuators and loads Such as various mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic devices) together.

For a linear motor, it is no longer a component-level actuator, but rather a complete mechatronic system that fulfills its intended function. China's linear motor manufacturers have long been concerned about the motor control technology, but to achieve linear motor system parameters to optimize the matching and control integration, and the introduction of mature products, still need to make arduous efforts.

Due to the constant progress of the society, the constant improvement of the science and technology, the continuous development of the motor industry and the continuous development of the motor industry, the market demand will continue to change. The extension and connotation of the linear motor products have also been continuously expanded. And the versatility of the linear motor has been gradually developed toward specialization. In the past the same type of motor used at the same time for the nature of different situations. Linear motor products are to the professional, special, personal development, which is the latest development of foreign business ideas and trends.

China is actively promoting and supporting the implementation and implementation of energy-saving projects in linear motor and motor systems. Efficient, ultra-efficient linear motors, speed control motors, motor control systems and other energy-saving products and electrical systems and green energy-saving technologies have become the development trend.

     At present, the international advanced motor system has integrated the functions of diagnosis, protection, control and communication to realize the self-diagnosis, self-protection, self-adjusting and remote control of the motor system. Kunshan Tongma Linear Motor believes that with China's equipment manufacturing industry to the high, refined, sharp direction of development and industrialization, information integration of the two, the intelligent development of electrical systems become a necessary trend.

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