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Transformation and Innovation of Linear Motor

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Transformation and Innovation of Linear Motor

       How to understand the new situation of the development of linear motor. Today's industrial manufacturing industry is developing very rapidly. The linear motor has changed the course of our human world. Two hundred years of industrial development have created tremendous wealth for our human society. However, we also see the development of information technology and the social environment The changes in promoting the continuous transformation of industry, but also promoted the linear motor continuous development and progress. In the modern era, we have entered a new era in which the Internet drives the entire industrial innovation and drive industrial change. We say that industry has changed the world. However, the Internet is now transforming industry, especially the new generation of information technology, to promote technological change and promote Industry changes, driven by the linear motor earthshaking changes.

       Everyone is now very hot industrial revolution, this boom is coming to us, and linear motor without exception must face the fourth wave of industrial revolution and drive development. We know that the first industrial revolution mainly used mechanical power to promote the development of productive forces. The second industrial revolution is a revolution in electricity and energy that enables our industry to be mass-produced. The third industrial revolution is information technology, which has brought our industry into an era of automation and rapid development. The driving force of the industrial revolution should be said that the Internet a new generation of information technology, especially the new generation of information technology, representative: cloud computing, Internet of things, big data, mobile Internet, intelligent industrial innovation and development created New environment.

         Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D and manufacturer of high-performance, high-quality linear and wobble motion solutions. Its main products are linear motors, voice coil motors and system integration. We provide you with the most advanced technology And high-performance sports products, low cost to meet your large number of oem needs. Many friends are welcome to pay attention to with the Mau linear motor.

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