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The advantages of linear motors

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The advantages of linear motors

1. High Stiffness - The motor is connected directly to the driven load so there is no drive gap between the motor and the load, and practically no compliance is present. When the linear motor drives the load movement, the iron core linear motor shows a very high dynamic stiffness.

2. Wide Speed Range - Due to the fact that the frameless part of the linear motor is a non-contact part, there are no mechanical transmission system limitations. As a result, very high or very low speeds can easily be reached, often with speeds of over 5 m / s or below 1 m / s. Mechanical transmission systems (eg, ball screw pairs) typically limit their speed to 0.5 to 0.7 m / s due to resonance and wear. In addition to the wide speed range, the linear motor has excellent constant speed characteristics, the speed of change is usually better than ¡À 0.01%.

3. High system dynamic performance - In addition to high-speed capabilities, the linear motor also has a very high acceleration. It is limited only by the system bearings. Large motors usually achieve accelerations of 3 to 5 g, whereas small motors usually achieve accelerations in excess of 10 g.

4. Extremely smooth operation and extremely high positioning accuracy - Direct drive Linear motor with very low thrust and speed fluctuations suitable for smooth motion. Positioning accuracy is limited only by the resolution of the feedback, usually up to the resolution of microns.

5. Infinite Stroke - Permanent magnets for linear motors are typically modular in design, each of which can be increased to any length as many as required to achieve an infinite travel.

6. No wear or maintenance - Linear motors are equipped with few parts, eliminating parts related to ball screw pairs such as nuts, housings, couplings, motor mounts, and maintenance of these parts Claim. Therefore, such motors have extremely long service life and clean running features, without the need for lubrication or maintenance of such components.

7. Integration of Components Means Simplicity - Linear motors require fewer parts than rotary machines equipped with mechanical drives. Air gap (gap between coil and permanent magnet) is the only work required for frameless linear motors. The straight line bearings provided by the system of the entire straight stroke to fully meet the linear motor requirements.

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