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Linear motor is a new type of motor

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Linear motor is a new type of motor

        Linear motor is a new type of motor, which has been widely used in recent years. Maglev train is driven by a linear motor. Maglev train is a brand new train, the general train, due to the friction between the wheel and the rail, limiting the speed increase, it can reach the maximum operating speed of not more than 300km / n. Maglev train is the train with magnetic levitation, so that the train and rail out of contact, in order to reduce friction and improve speed.

        Maglev trains are towed by linear motors, one of the linear motors is fixed to the ground and extends with the rails to a distance; the other is mounted on the train. Primary pass exchanges, train along the rail. The train is equipped with magnets (some are the use of linear motor coils), the magnet with the train movement, so that the coil in the ground (or metal plate) in the induction current, the induced current magnetic field and the train magnet (or coil ) Between the electromagnetic force to float the train up. The advantage of a levitation train is that it runs smoothly without bump, low noise and low traction required. As long as a few thousand kw of power is available, the speed of the levitation train can reach 550 km / h. When the suspension train deceleration, changes in the magnetic field decreases, the induced current also decreases, the magnetic field weakened, resulting in decreased levitation force. The suspension train is also equipped with a wheel device, its wheels like a plane, when traveling in time income train, when docked can be put down to support the train. To make a huge mass of the train levitate by a magnetic force, a strong magnetic field is required, and in practice a high-temperature superconducting coil needs to generate such a powerful magnetic field.

         In addition to the use of linear motors for magnetic levitation vehicles, it is also used in a wide range of applications such as conveyor systems, electric hammers, electromagnetic stirrers and the like. In our country, the linear motor is gradually popularized and applied. Although the principle of linear motor is not complicated, but in the design, manufacture has its own characteristics, the product is not as mature as the rotating motor, pending further study and improvement.

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