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A brief overview of the four application principles TM linear motor

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A brief overview of the four application principles TM linear motor

       Tongmao linear motor has its unique application, can not be replaced by rotary motor. However, not any occasion to use a linear motor can achieve good results. To do this, you must first understand the application of the linear motor principle, so that it can be applied just right. The application of the principles of the following aspects.

    1. Choose the right speed. Linear motor speed and synchronous speed, while the synchronous speed is proportional to the polar distance. Therefore, the choice of polar distance determines the range of motion speed options. Pole pitch is too small will reduce slot utilization, increase slot leakage resistance and reduce the quality factor, thereby reducing the motor efficiency and power factor. The polar distance of the lower limit is usually taken 3cm. There is no upper limit for the pole pitch, but the longitudinal length of the primary core is limited when the output power of the motor is constant. In order to reduce the effect of the longitudinal edge, the number of poles of the motor can not be too small, so the pole pitch can not be too large. 
    2. Have a suitable reciprocating frequency. In industrial applications, the linear motor is reciprocating. In order to achieve higher labor productivity, require a higher reciprocation frequency. This means that the motor has to finish the journey in a shorter period of time, going through one course of acceleration and deceleration, that is, starting once and braking once. The higher the reciprocating frequency, the greater the acceleration of the motor, the greater the thrust corresponding to the acceleration, and the thrust corresponding to the acceleration sometimes exceeds the thrust required by the load. The increase of thrust leads to the increase of the size of the motor, and the increase of its mass leads to the further increase of the thrust corresponding to the acceleration, which sometimes leads to a vicious cycle.
    3 have a suitable thrust. Rotating motor can adapt to a large thrust range. The rotating motor coupled with a different gearbox, you can get different speed and torque. At low speeds, the torque can be extended tens to hundreds of times so that a very small rotating motor can push a large load, of course, the power is conserved. Linear motor is different, it can not use the gearbox to change the speed and thrust, so its thrust can not be expanded. To get a larger thrust, only by increasing the size of the motor. This is sometimes uneconomical. In general, linear motors are suitable for driving light loads in industrial applications.
    4. To have a suitable positioning accuracy. In many applications, the motor is stopped in motion by mechanical stops when it is in place. In order to make small impact in place, you can add a mechanical buffer device. In the absence of mechanical limit of the occasion, a relatively simple positioning method is, before it is in place by the travel switch control, reverse braking or energy consumption of the motor brake to stop when in place.
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