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Linear motor in the world development space in the end how much?

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        Linear motor in the world development space in the end how much? First, linear motors are used in a wide range of manufacturing applications including machine tools, measuring, drilling, milling, electronic assembly, grinding, laser cutting, screen printing, semiconductors, adhesive dispensing, wafer processing, label bonding , Lead soldering, ion implantation, lithography, textile machinery and more. By introducing a linear motor control system, not only can greatly improve the processing accuracy and efficiency of these industries, but also reduce the wear and energy consumption, while in the application, but also the industrial upgrading of these industries.

       Second, the linear motor can also promote the production efficiency of labor-intensive enterprises in our country. Many labor-intensive industries, such as foodstuffs, batteries and toy processing enterprises, usually require a lot of labor. If the production line is upgraded to a linear motor-driven automated production line, enterprises will be able to overcome the shortage of migrant workers and ease the pressure of rising labor costs. Will play a role.

       Then, developing the linear motor industry can quickly narrow the technological gap between our country and the developed countries in the world. Linear motor high-speed, high precision, high thrust and other characteristics, determines its hard field of scientific research needs. Using linear motors, maglev trains travel over 500 kilometers per hour (km) per hour, catching a plane a few hundred kilometers in seconds, and machining a wide range of components at micron-level precision. Imagine, without the development of linear motors, many high-tech research and development will be difficult.

       With the rapid development of high-speed machining technology, the requirements on the transmission and control system are getting higher and higher, so that the research on linear motor drive technology is being stepped up. Therefore, increasing research on linear drive technology is not only a trend of higher and faster technology development, but also better able to meet market needs and bring greater economic benefits and become the inevitable trend of future development.
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