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Linear motor platform maintenance grating protection

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Linear motor platform maintenance grating ruler protection, in order to improve the life of linear motor platform, must pay attention to the maintenance of parts and components, after many years of experience summed up, grating ruler protection should pay attention to the following points:

1, if the conditions are best for the grating ruler through the filtered, dry compressed air, so as to prevent the grating around the oil, liquid, gas into the grating ruler, contamination grating ruler, taking into account the filter better, It is recommended to use the safety switch. When the filter element fails, the safety switch will give an alarm message prompting the user to replace it as soon as possible to avoid damaging the scale.

2, outside the grating ruler plus protective cover, and promptly clean splashed on the ruler of the chip and oil, strictly prevent any foreign body into the grating ruler housing, while grating grating installation direction, as far as possible so that the opening side of the grating ruler Or down, do not open the mouth of iron and cutting fluid splashing direction, in order to prevent grating ruler pollution.

3, regularly check the installation of the coupling screws for loose conditions, especially the fixed reading head screws.

4, in order to ensure the reliability of the grating ruler sensor, wipe the grating ruler surface and the grating surface with ethanol at regular intervals to keep the glass ruler surface clean.

5, grating ruler is strictly prohibited vibration and beat, so as not to damage the grating ruler, such as grating rupture.

6. When installing the grating ruler and reading head, pay special attention to the distance between the reading head and the grating ruler. Far or near may cause the damage of the reading head or the scale in the grating ruler body, or even scrap the grating ruler.

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