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Iron core linear motor performance instructions

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Let's say that there is a core linear motor, with the iron core of the force application unit rack mounted on a track. Forcing components are made of copper windings outside the core. The iron plate on the back provides an efficient channel for magnetic flux to circulate between the motor and the rail. There is also a channel to ensure efficient cooling of the motor, this core structure can produce a great deal of force. And achieve efficient cooling function. In fact, the core structure makes each unit has a strong force. Finally, the core structure is a very economical solution because only one row of magnetic material is required.

    A disadvantage of the iron core structure is that the attractive force between the force member of the motor and the magnetic track is too large, which is equivalent to 5 to 13 times the rated force of the motor. The bearing system of the motor must provide support for this force. In addition, the mounting process is more difficult than other linear motors because of the attractive appeal.

    The core structure also has the disadvantage of a cogging force. In order to be able to place the motor in a suitable position on the magnet, it is necessary to exert a horizontal force on the motor with the iron core, in which case a cogging effect occurs. Cogging effects affect the smoothness of the motion system because the force generated by the motor must be adjusted to maintain constant speed, depending on the location.

 The advantages and disadvantages of iron core linear motors are summarized as follows:

  1, the core unit size of a great force - the use of core convergence flow field.

  2, the cost is lower - the use of open-face structure, using only a row of magnets.

  3, good thermal performance - the use of iron core, large surface area, easy to heat.

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