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Tongmao linear motor congratulations Hangzhou robot opened it!

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Tongmao linear motor congratulations Hangzhou robot successfully opened yesterday, Hangzhou, the first robot Expo Center opened. The first floor of the exhibition area for the achievement of industry, as the third session of the third China (Hangzhou) International Robot Lake Forum sub-venue, nearly 20 companies involved in the exhibition, exhibited more than 20 kinds of robot-related products, presented for everyone the province Scientific and technological achievements of domestic and foreign industry leading enterprises. The main show includes ABB, Xinsong, CITIC Heavy Industries, Kai Erda, Guo Chen and other small town enterprises and outstanding industrial achievements in Zhejiang Province.

    The second floor is an interactive experience area. The entrance is the famous human robot from the UK, the Ronaldinho robot. It can tell stories, sing songs and explain hot science knowledge to audiences. In addition, the area is also equipped with dulcimer robot, portrait robot, chess robot, canteen robot, fighting robot, tennis robot, dancing robot, flight simulator, mechanical fish, etc., allowing visitors to enjoy the services provided by the robot, It also allows visitors to compete with the robot to increase the fun and interactive nature of the visit. Robot R & D and create already can not do without the strong support of linear motor.

    Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. Congratulations Hangzhou's first robot Expo Center successfully opened, Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-performance, high-quality linear and swing motion solutions for professional R & D and manufacturers, The main products are linear motors, linear modules and voice coil motors, such as your company's linear motor are interested, please contact us: 400-007-7724

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