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Whether the linear platform can reduce labor costs

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With the disappearance of the demographic dividend in China, the reduction of labor supply, the rise of labor costs and the decline of the willingness to work for the employment of a new generation of grass-roots workers, the linear platform has imposed tremendous constraints on the international competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry. Therefore, The industry is pushing for automation to reduce labor costs and improve efficiency to keep the company competitive.

  The linear platform as a sub-industry in the automation industry products, whether to reduce labor costs has triggered the industry's thinking, first of all to be exact: a linear platform will gradually replace the grass-roots operations, some of the multi-complex, difficult working environment, Work is difficult, high-risk jobs will be replaced, such as paint, glue, stamping, welding, testing, optoelectronics, lathes, handling and other types of work.

   The risk of these types of work is extremely costly and the accidents can easily occur. An accident can drag down the profits of the company for half a year. In this respect, the straight-line platform greatly reduces labor costs.

  The linear platform also solves the problem of many people with simple, repetitive tasks so that we can do more innovation and more valuable work. The linear platform can work continuously for 8 hours or more, and the time for human being is limited. The company can control the manpower, material and financial resources of the company at the same time and improve the output efficiency of the company.
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