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Linear motors bring smart robots to grab rice bowls

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    Linear motor robots to bring smart robots! More and more experts are now focusing on artificial intelligence, most of whom will tell you that in the next few decades there will be tens of thousands of job opportunities around us robbing intelligent robots.

    A British study wants to convince people to dispel negative perceptions of smart robots who have expressed their confidence that automated mechanics and artificial intelligence can create as many jobs as they were robbed of by the right policy framework. Of course, not only are these British researchers holding this view, they assume that smart robots will create far more jobs than they have destroyed by 2020. One company has said in the media that he firmly believes that AI technology can To liberate mankind, we will devote more time to really important things and let us return to the kind of life that is not balanced and healthy by our work.

    The continuous development of linear motor to promote intelligent robots, usher in a better era of science and technology. Human fear of AI and linear motors is an unavoidable side effect of the normalization of AI and linear motors. AI algorithms and linear motors will be ubiquitous, just like before the Internet, or even more power, AI soon goes deep into our way of life, and we'll never get rid of it.

    Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of linear motor technology research, development, linear motor, linear module, precision linear platform intelligence manufacturing and sales. The company's products are applied to the following areas: laser cutting equipment industry, semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry, flat panel display industry, printing equipment industry, medical equipment industry, precision instrumentation industry, electronic components surface mount equipment industry, PCB testing equipment industry, logistics equipment Industry and so on. If you are interested in our company's linear motor, please contact us: 400-007-7724

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