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How to solve the heat problem of linear motor

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How to solve the problem of heat generation of linear motor, whether it is linear motor, rotary motor, servo motor, there will be fever in the movement process, how to better solve the cooling problem, the motor characteristics and R & D design have to spend a lot of time.
   The reasons for the heat of a linear motor or a linear motor are the following:
1. Motor overloading or dragging the production machinery resistance is too large, the linear motor heat: Excluding drag mechanical failure, reducing resistance, according to the current indication, such as over the rated current, the need to reduce the load, replace the larger capacity motor or to take capacity Measures.
2. The power supply voltage is too low, the temperature rise of the linear motor under rated load is too high. If the voltage drop of the power cable is too large, replace the thicker power cable. If the power supply voltage is too low, contact the power supply department, Increase the power supply voltage.
3. The power supply voltage is too high, the core flux density caused by over-saturated linear motor temperature rise is too high: If the power supply voltage exceeds the standard a lot, contact the power supply department.
4. Set the rotor core wipe: check the cause of the malfunction If the bearing clearance exceeds the limit, you should replace the new bearing, if the shaft bending, you need to investigate and deal with iron core loose or deformed core should be handled to eliminate the fault.
5. Winding surface covered with grime or foreign matter, affecting the linear motor cooling: cleaning or cleaning the motor, and to open the linear motor ventilation ditch.
6. frequent motor start or reverse the number of excessive: reduce the motor start and positive, reverse the number of times or replace the appropriate motor.
Winding inter-turn short-circuit phase short-circuit and winding ground.
8. Motor two-phase operation: Check the dissolved wire, switch contacts, troubleshooting.
After rewinding poor impregnation winding: to take the second impregnation process, the use of vacuum impregnation measures.
10. Winding Wrong Connection: Y connected to a straight line motor connected mistakenly ¡÷, or ¡÷ connected to a wrongly connected linear motor into a Y junction to correct the wiring.
11. Increase the ambient temperature or blockage of the linear motor air duct: Improve the ambient temperature and take cooling measures to isolate the high-temperature heat source near the linear motor and prevent the linear motor from sun exposure.
   In the design, Tongmao linear motor fully considers the problem of motor heating. In fact, the heating of the linear motor mainly comes from the acceleration and deceleration of the motor. If the current required for acceleration and deceleration can be maintained under the continuous current of the motor and the driver, Then there will be no serious fever problems. On the other hand, if there is a short period of high current during acceleration and deceleration, it is important to consider the equivalent thrust during the brewing phase of the exercise planning and add the time to suspend or wait for exercise according to the actual demand.
    In addition, if the linear motor continues to push the work of the actual current exceeds the above continuous current, it is also necessary to consider the heat problem. Under normal use, the structure of the core motor is more conducive to the heat than the structure of the coreless motor coil than there is not enough cooling space, so in the design of the motion structure, you must consider the linear motor structure of the heat dissipation characteristics.
    Kunshan TongMao and design of linear motor, the coil heat up to 120 degrees Celsius, and has a good cooling coefficient, to further optimize the motor characteristics. In the selection of users, as long as the provision of speed, load, acceleration time waiting for the technical parameters such as us, we can provide more professional estimates to achieve system design, customer satisfaction, rest assured. If you are interested in our company's linear motor, please contact us: 400-007-7724
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