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Advantages and disadvantages of linear motors

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A linear motor is a type of motor that converts electrical energy directly to linear motion without passing through any intermediate conversion mechanism. The advantage of linear motor drive has been recognized by more and more people. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of linear motor? The text will introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of linear motors in detail.

The advantages of linear motors:

1. There is no mechanical contact, the driving force is generated in the air gap, with the exception of the linear motor guide without any other friction

2. The structure is simple, small size, by using the minimum number of components to achieve our linear drive, and this is only a moving part

3. Run the trip in theory is not subject to any restrictions, and its performance will not be affected by changes in the size of its trip

4. Its operation can provide a wide range of speed operation, covering a few microns to several meters per second, especially at high speed is one of its outstanding advantages

5. Acceleration, up to 10g

6. The movement is stable, because there is no other mechanical connection or conversion device besides the supporting linear guide or flotation bearing

7. Accuracy and repeatability are high due to the elimination of the intermediate links that affect accuracy. The accuracy of the system depends on the position sensing element, with a suitable feedback device up to submicron

8. Easy to maintain, due to the small parts, no mechanical contact with the movement, thus greatly reducing the wear and tear of parts, with little or no maintenance, longer service life. Linear motor and "rotating motor, ball screw," transmission performance comparison table performance rotary motor + ball screw linear motor.

Disadvantages of linear motors:

1. Linear motor power consumption, especially in the high load, high acceleration of the movement, the machine instantaneous current on the plant's power supply system to bring a heavy load;

2 is a high vibration, the dynamic stiffness of the linear motor is extremely low, can not play the role of buffer damping, high-speed movement easily lead to other parts of the machine resonance;

3 is a large heat, fixed in the table at the bottom of the linear motor mover is a high fever components, the installation location is not conducive to natural cooling, the machine temperature control caused great challenges;

4 is not self-locking, in order to ensure safe operation, linear motor-driven axis of motion, especially the vertical axis of motion, additional locking mechanism must be added to increase the complexity of the machine.

With the rapid development of high-speed machining technology, the requirements on the transmission and control system are getting higher and higher, so that the research on linear motor drive technology is being stepped up. Now many of the shortcomings of linear motors have been overcome, the linear motor power performance is more remarkable. The research of linear drive technology is not only the trend of technology to higher and faster development, but also to better meet the market needs, bring greater economic benefits, become the inevitable trend of future development.

With 10 years of Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. specializing in linear motor production and research and development, the company's production of linear motors using advanced technology standards in Europe and America, technology and testing methods, the quality and power performance reached the international advanced level, customers at home and abroad have been unanimously approved.

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