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Voice coil motor smart generation

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    Artificial Intelligence is at the pinnacle of industrial agglomeration in the era of great change. Kunshan Tongmai Voice Coil Motor has quietly kept pace with the pace of development. It is true that voice coil motor intelligence has come into being. Voice coil motor smart age has come.

    What used to rely on manual operation, with the emergence of artificial intelligence, there is now nothing impossible, with the voice coil motor manufacturers Mau circle motor, is also one of the modern technology, from artificial to intelligent operation, by the impossible Become possible.

    Kunshan TongMao voice coil motor manufacturer manufacturing high-quality, high-performance voice coil motor using advanced technology and testing methods, its performance has reached the advanced level. With high speed, very smooth speed; high acceleration, short acceleration; high transmission strength, smooth thrust; stroke length is unlimited, no performance loss; suitable for vacuum and harsh environment, the voice coil motor has been used in laser cutting equipment, Medical machinery and equipment, semiconductor machinery and equipment, precision machine tool manufacturing equipment, automated logistics and transport equipment, PCB processing equipment, printing equipment, precision testing equipment, textile and military machinery and equipment industries.

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