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Kunlong successful first flight will bring new opportunities for linear motor platform

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     Kunlong successful first flight will bring new opportunities for linear motor platform, recently, China Aviation Industry Corporation independently developed China's first large-scale firefighting / water rescue amphibious aircraft --AG600 Kun dragon successful first flight. Setting a new milestone. With the acceleration of policy dividend, China's civilian UAV industry is expected to usher in new growth. At the same time, it will drive the rapid growth of the linear motor platform industry.

     In addition to firefighting and rescue purposes, Kunlong also can retrofit the necessary equipment according to the needs of users to meet the needs of other tasks such as monitoring and protection of the marine environment, resource exploration and reef transportation, etc. However, the linear motor platform can be operated under harsh environment The advantages of homework, so Kun dragon in these special circumstances can be normal operation.

    With the acceleration of logistics automation, various types of delivery drone has become a major development boom. At present, major companies are beginning to devote themselves to the development and commercial delivery of unmanned aerial vehicles. The amphibious UAV is still in the blue ocean, it is certain that the future of linear motor platform in amphibious UAV use will be able to rapid development.

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