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Linear motor classification of functional purposes

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     Linear motor in our daily life a wide range, so many kinds, according to different types have different functions, according to their functional purposes can be divided into force motor, power motor and motor.

1.Line motor refers to the unit input power can produce thrust, or the unit volume can produce thrust, mainly used in stationary objects or low-speed equipment to exert a certain thrust linear motor. It is mainly for short-term operation, low-speed operation, such as valve opening and closing, manipulator operation and so on.

2.Motor motor as a long-term continuous operation of the linear motor, its performance measurement of indicators and rotary motor is basically the same. That is, efficiency, power factor and other indicators to measure the merits of its motor performance. Such as high-speed maglev train, a variety of high-speed transmission lines and so on.

3. A motor is a very high-energy drive motor that a moving member can generate in a short period of time. It provides a large amount of linear kinetic energy, such as missiles and torpedoes, for a short period of time.

     Since there is a certain correspondence between a linear motor and a rotary motor, each rotary motor has a corresponding linear motor. However, the structure of the linear motor is more flexible than a rotary motor. In addition, since some performance parameters of a linear motor and its application Closely related to the occasion, so in addition to linear motor can be classified according to the principle of work, but also according to the structure of the classification and performance classification. If you are interested in our company's linear motor, please contact us: 400-007-7724

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