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TongMao Voice coil motor overview

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     Voice coil motor is a special linear motor, today we come to know with the voice coil motor, voice coil motor according to the operation mode can be divided into: linear and swing type; according to the structure can be divided into: cylindrical voice coil Motor, rectangular voice coil motor, flat voice coil motor, swing voice coil motor four; swing voice coil motor is also called galvanometer motor, optical lens is widely used.

     Cylindrical voice coil motor, because it can provide high thrust, high speed, so the application is very wide. This kind of motor can produce powerful power of 0.7N ~ 2500N, so occupy the market of 80% or more, and its travel is generally not more than 50mm. The motor is mainly used in medical, semiconductor, aerospace, automotive and other fields, including valve brakes, Z-axis grasping and short-range precise position control, small precision replacement measuring instrument, vibration platform and active damping system and many other aspects. The market mainly points to the medical, semiconductor, aviation and automation industries.

     Compared with the cylindrical voice coil motor, rectangular voice coil motor produces less thrust, but its stroke is relatively long. Its thrust up to 1000N, the maximum travel up to 250mm. Rectangular voice coil motor can be used alone, to produce X-Y axis movement is a very good product, and its market mainly to the semiconductor and micro-machine tool industry.

     Compared with the rectangular voice coil motor, the flat-type voice coil motor has relatively short stroke in the same volume, but the advantage is that the height is lower. Thrust up to 500N, travel up to 25mm. The flat-panel series is the ideal product for X-Y motion with short-stroke, with the market mainly directed to the semiconductor and micro-machine tool industry.

     Swing voice coil motor rectangular products using the technology, the rectangular series of products to be bent to form a certain angle positioning system to meet the high-performance swing point of view. RS series can provide maximum swing angle of 90 degrees, torque up to 50 N-m.

     Swing voice coil motor products used in laser technology, mirror positioner, swing valve actuators, swinging positioning system and flight controller, etc., involving the semiconductor industry, automation, aerospace industry. Swing voice coil motor is also called - galvanometer motor. Want to know the knowledge of voice coil motor, please contact us: 400-007-7724

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