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Tongmao linear motor platform is divided into what components

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    The composition of the linear motor platform is a lot of customers and friends did not understand that, in fact, the structure is very simple mainly consists of the following parts, linear motor platform is one of the very important components, because the device needs to meet the precise positioning needs of internal components Adjustment needs to be done by professionals and more. The product is very lightweight but has a very large load capacity. Equipment is relatively easy to assemble and maintain, this customer friend can operate according to the manual introduction.

   Linear motor platform is also an important part of the base, linear guides and linear encoders, drives are part of the composition, linear motor platform work without wear and tear, more pollution-free environment. The use of linear motor platforms allows the product to have a wider range of applications and enhance the load capacity. There is also a sensor on the outside of the device for fast and accurate positioning of the product, which can be calculated from the difference in displacement between the floor and the platform when commissioning.

     Based on the above introduction, the main components of linear motor platform friends can understand, Kunshan with Mau Electronics Co., Ltd. production of high-intelligent linear motor platform is widely used in various fields of machinery manufacturing and processing, in order to allow customers to be more direct and And easy to use linear motor, the Division I also introduced a variety of models of linear motor platform, follow-up we will continue to focus on research and development to create more adapt to the market, suitable for customer needs of the linear motor platform, a lot of friends are welcome to pay attention Tongmao linear motor platform.

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