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Is there a linear motor in medical equipment?

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    With more and more intelligence and more and more advanced, Tongmao linear motors are also used in medical equipment, including electric nursing bed, ICU nursing bed, X-ray bed, electric operating table, electric bath chair, electric traction Device.

    At present, Tongmao linear motors have been introduced for the laser cutting equipment industry, optical coupling equipment, semiconductor components manufacturing equipment industry, flat panel display industry, printing equipment industry, biomedical equipment industry, precision instrumentation industry, electronic components surface mount equipment industry, PCB testing equipment industry, the logistics equipment industry and other areas of application of products, and the formation of a standardized and serialization; the same time, the company has a professional intellectual equipment, testing equipment and engineering and technical team, customers can harsh applications provide linear motor, sound Circle motor and precision linear platform fast professional development and customization.

    The company will make unremitting efforts to promote China's industrial-driven industrial development in China, strive for continuous innovation, to the world. If you are interested in our company's linear motor, please contact us: 400-007-7724

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