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Coreless linear motor characteristics and advantages of the summary

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    Forceless components of ironless motors are placed between two tracks. They are also called U-channel motors. Force the components of the coil does not have any iron core, which is called coreless motor. Its copper windings are encapsulated in an air gap in the middle of two rows of magnets. Since there is no iron core in the coreless linear motor, there is no attraction or cogging force between the force application member and the magnetic track.

     In addition, the mass of the force-applying member in the coreless linear motor is often smaller than the mass of the force-applying member in the core motor, so that the motor of this structure can generate a great acceleration and make the overall dynamic performance of the motor very good . Ironless structures have no cogging and attractive effects, thus increasing bearing life and, in some cases, even smaller bearings.

     Due to the excellent dynamic performance of the coreless linear motor structure, there is no cogging during the movement, so the function is very powerful, but their cooling efficiency is not as good as the core motor because of their small contact area, from the winding base to The cooling channels have a long thermal path, so the full load power of these motors is low. In addition, the double-row magnet structure used to achieve the proper force and stroke also adds to the overall cost of this motor.

    Iron-core linear motor structure advantages and disadvantages are summarized:

1, unattractive - balanced double track, safe, easy to operate, there is no attractive problem in the assembly process.
2, no cogging effect - no iron core force components have no cogging effect.
3, light force components - because there is no iron core, so acceleration and deceleration greater, mechanical bandwidth is higher.
4, using air gap adjustment - easy alignment and installation.


1, heat dissipation - higher thermal resistance.
2, the power of the unit product package - the RMS power is lower than the core structure.
3, the cost is higher - the number of magnets used is twice the core motor
4, on the current market to provide non-iron core linear motor assembly components and prefabricated positioning system in two forms.

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